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Sandgavi was started on the floor of my bedroom, a college student who wanted a business that embodied not only my own life but the lives of women that I felt empowered me throughout my life. The ocean inspired me at first, throughout my high school career and even now in college I dealt with anxiety, from severe anxiety attacks to just constant thoughts chasing each other in my head. The beach saved me, the sounds of the ocean, the feeling of the sand and breathing in the smell of the air, me watching the ocean be strong and calm, feared and loved, it all taught me how to mediate. To control my mind and not let it control me, I started loving swimwear, and the beach even more, spending at least 2 days a week at the beach, inviting friends and family. I not only realized how expensive swimwear was but also how they don’t cater to the everyday woman, I had friends who couldn’t feel comfortable in their swimwear, and that’s when I decided that Sandgavi was something I wanted to pursue. Providing affordable swimwear, swimwear that women can feel empowered in, where they can feel as if their bodies are loved and every curve is held and accentuated. I don’t edit out my models stretch marks, or beauty marks, I refuse to tamper with anything that I feel that makes them not only incredibly beautiful but also unique, this is for all women, the women I have met who have inspired me to be the best me. The women, like my mother, my sister, and my close friends, who I have cried to and who have picked me up and been that spine for me when I couldn’t be my own. The women who are still trying to find themselves when they sometimes feel as if life is against them, take a second and breathe and remember who you are. The women who sometimes question their exterior beauty, I want to remind all of you that your souls dances within something worthy, something that can’t be edited, copied or pasted. None of this would of been possible if it weren’t for some of the many women I’ve met. Thank You. There are no boundaries, the world is yours.

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